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Hormones And The Heart In Health And Disease

ISBN 10 : 9781592597086
ISBN 13 : 1592597084

The maintenance of arterial blood pressure and the distribution of blood flow to the various organs of the body depends on the control of the pumping action of the heart and of the..

Endocrinology Of The Heart In Health And Disease

ISBN 10 : 9780128031124
ISBN 13 : 0128031123

Endocrinology of the Heart in Health and Disease: Integrated, Cellular, and Molecular Endocrinology of the Heart covers the traditional concepts of cardio-endocrinology, the role o..

Diseases Of The Thyroid

ISBN 10 : 9781592593521
ISBN 13 : 1592593526

In this second edition of his popular and widely acclaimed book, Lewis Braverman and a panel of international authorities have thoroughly updated and revised the first edition with..

Molecular And Cellular Pediatric Endocrinology

ISBN 10 : 9781592596973
ISBN 13 : 1592596975

Stuart Handwerger, MD and a distinguished panel of clinicians and experts review the most significant recent developments in molecular and cellular biology, powerful advances that ..

Hormone Replacement Therapy

ISBN 10 : 9781592597000
ISBN 13 : 1592597009

A. Wayne Meikle and a distinguished panel of expert clinicians bring to bear their extensive knowledge and experience in managing adults and children undergoing hormone replacement..

Sports Endocrinology

ISBN 10 : 9781592590162
ISBN 13 : 1592590160

Since the observation in the 19th century that an extract of the suprarenal bodies injected into the circulation caused a rise in blood pressure, the endocrine system has become a ..

Heart Function In Health And Disease

ISBN 10 : 9781461530909
ISBN 13 : 1461530903

As the majority of cardiovascular deaths are related to myocardial ischemia, it is necessary to understand the various aspects of ischemic heart disease. In this regard, it is note..