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Developing More Curious Minds

ISBN 10 : 9780871207197
ISBN 13 : 0871207192

Explains questioning strategies and teaching behaviors designed to encourage students to think, investigate, and draw their own conclusions...

Curious Minds

ISBN 10 : 147224138X
ISBN 13 : 9781472241382


A Curious Mind

ISBN 10 : 9781476730776
ISBN 13 : 1476730776

"From Academy Award-nominated producer Brian Grazer and acclaimed business journalist Charles Fishman comes a brilliantly entertaining peek into the weekly "curiosity conversations..

Curious Minds

ISBN 10 : 9781613731536
ISBN 13 : 1613731531

A multidisciplinary activity book from four core academic areas—math, science, language arts, and social studiesUnlike the many activity books devoted solely to one type of activ..

Curious Minds

ISBN 10 : 9780642277541
ISBN 13 : 0642277540

Curious Minds: The Discoveries of Australian Naturalists looks at the long line of naturalists who have traversed Australia in search of new plants and animals. Identifying and cla..

Curious Minds

ISBN 10 : 0099592878
ISBN 13 : 9780099592877

Curious Minds is a book of original, autobiographical essays by twenty-seven scientists, including Paul Davies, Richard Dawkins, Daniel C. Dennett, Freeman Dyson, Murray Gell-Mann,..

The Book Of What If

ISBN 10 : 9781582705293
ISBN 13 : 1582705291

From the creators of the What If…? Conference comes a quirky book that encourages kids to explore and engage with the world around them by asking more than eighty wild, absurd, a..